Priyanka Chopra Bids Adieu to “Sona” Venture in New York: Fans Express Mixed Reactions

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Priyanka Chopra, the multi-talented powerhouse of an actor, singer, producer, and entrepreneur, has taken a surprising step by stepping down from her association with the New York restaurant venture, “Sona.” The news has left her fans speculating about the reasons behind her decision, while netizens offer diverse reactions to the development.

“Sona” was more than just a business endeavor for Priyanka Chopra – it was a manifestation of her Indian heritage on the international stage. The actress had passionately poured her heart into the project, engaging in everything from designing and curating the menu to infusing it with the right musical vibe. Even her husband, Nick Jonas, lent his support throughout her journey with “Sona,” underlining the couple’s dedication to this culinary venture.

A representative from Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s camp confirmed the development to People magazine, expressing that the decision to step away from “Sona” was rooted in Priyanka’s aspiration to expand her horizons on a more global scale. The spokesperson stated, “Stepping away from Sona allows her to broaden these ambitions on a more global scale, and she’s excited about the possibilities that await.”

While the restaurant will continue to thrive under the guidance of co-founder Maneesh K. Goyal, fans and netizens alike are expressing their sentiments regarding Priyanka’s disassociation.

The announcement triggered a wave of emotions among followers. One user questioned the decision, remarking, “But I wonder why!? That restaurant got famous only because of her..”

Another comment hinted at Nick Jonas’s influence, saying, “Oh no Nick named that restaurant.”

The news clearly caught some fans off guard, with one sharing their surprise by saying, “Wow! This is Breaking News! I am in shock!”

On the other hand, some netizens took a reflective stance, sharing their own experiences with “Sona.” One expressed, “Good she did! Because honestly tried it and it wasn’t that great. I hope she opens a place which is more authentic cuisine.”

In the midst of the reactions, there were also heartfelt sentiments for Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s dreams. A fan empathetically wrote, “Aww man I am so bummed!! I wanted to celebrate my 40th birthday there. I hope she’s okay. This was a dream of hers.”

As Priyanka Chopra embarks on new endeavors, her journey continues to captivate and resonate with fans around the globe. While her exit from “Sona” leaves a bittersweet taste, the excitement for her forthcoming global pursuits remains palpable.

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