Richa says on being vocal: There hasn’t been any impact on profession

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Richa says – “I don’t think about these labels anymore. People will use them till they need to use them. Till female centric films are more common, and are made every now and then, I think these things will continue, I don’t really feel too much about it.”

Richa shares – “I am outdoors, shooting in Uttarakhand. We are all in a safe place, have been living in one hotel, working together and going on set. Everyone is taking precautions, and no one is venturing out. A bubble is automatically created. Of course I am excited to get back to work.”

She is currently working on her next project. When asked if this has ever backfire, or got in the way of her professional prospects, she tells us, “I don’t think there’s been any impact professionally. Personally, I do feel what happens sometimes is I am held to higher standards than others, that’s the flip side. People expect me to be that, and at times are like ‘we didn’t expect this from you, we wanted better from you’. There is the burden of those expectations.”

Actress reveals – “It happens all the time. I feel what happens is, most people, they are so guarded in their own private lives, ki ‘kuch bol diya toh kuch ho jaayega’. Simply feel that if I am telling the truth, I should not be afraid. I don’t mean bad, or mean to hurt or insult anybody.”

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