Rhea Chakraborty deleted chat: Did she use to give drugs to Sushant?

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Rhea ChakrabortyThere are a lot of things coming in-front when Sushant Singh Rajput case is being handled by CBI. Deleted chats of Rhea Chakraborty has now been revealed. In the chat, lot of shocking things came in front. Enforcement Directorate has doubt that Rhea Chakraborty was in the contacts with some drug dealer. They think Rhea has spoken to a drug dealer with her WhatsApp.

Deleted chats which has now been revealed are following. ‘Hi Rhea That stuff is almost over, shall we take it from Shawwick’s friend, but he too has only HASH and BUD.’

Rhea has written in a chat – do you have an MD?

In a chat on 8 March 2020, Riya wrote, “I am not taking much. I once took MDMA.”

Let me tell you, MDMA is a banned drug.

Jaya and Rhea have been talking on the phone 100 times, of which 29 calls were made by Jaya and the remaining 71 calls were made by Rhea.

Rhea and Jaya Shah’s deleted chat says – put four drops in coffee, tea or water and let it be drunk. The effect will be seen in thirty to forty minutes.

Let me tell you, the effect of MD drug also occurs in 30-40 minutes.

The biggest thing is that after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, the first call made by Rhea Chakraborty is for Jaya Shah. At 2:27, Sushant died and Rhea spoke to Jaya at 2.31 pm. Jaya Shah works in a talent management company, she is followed by many celebrities. Jaya is also Rhea’s friend. It is being said that Jaya Shah used to deliver drugs to Rhea.

The ED questioned Jaya Shah for about 7 hours and her WhatsApp chat is also taken by ED.

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