Remo D’souza – Salman Khan helped my family after I suffered attack

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Remo D'souza

Remo D’souza is a well known Choreographer and filmmaker. He did suffer a major heart attack recently. Explaining it how it all happened Remo D’souza says – “I took the elevator to go up, I pressed the lift button and sat down. Once I stepped out of the lift I started coughing and I even wanted to throw up. Lizelle saw my smart watch, which checks on the heartbeat and ECG and the screen prompted ‘Are you not well?’ This pain was something that I had never experienced in my life. On reaching the hospital, we were told by the doctors that it’s a major heart attack.”

He further adds – “Usually, a normal human heart works at 55% and when I was taken to the hospital, it was working only 25%. Yeh mere saath kaise ho gaya (How did this happen to me)? I keep a check on my body from time to time. It is probably hereditary, pre-workout session or work stress.”

While talking about how Salman Khan helped his family after he suffered heart attack Remo D’souza says – “We call him an angel as he has a heart of gold. I have worked with him and I know the kind of a gem that he is. Salman and I don’t talk much, like, I only say ‘yes, sir, okay sir’. Actually, my wife and Salman are very close. As soon as I was rushed to the hospital, Lizelle called him. And through the six days that I was in the hospital, he saw to it that I was taken good care of. He was also personally talking to the doctors.”

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