Rehana Fatima: Controversial queen of Kerala once again in controversy

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Rehana FatimaControversial activist from Kerala Rehana Fatima is once again in the headlines, this time the Kerala worker is in the discussion about her semi nude video. In the video uploaded by Kerala-based Rehana this time, she is getting painted by her minor children on her nude body (Semi-nude body). Let us tell you that the police has registered an FIR against the social worker for the uploaded video.

This is not the first case of Rehana Fatima, in which she is in the discussion on social media, let us know that this activist who is being painted by her children on her half-nude body in the video has made headlines earlier in March 2018 when a Muslim professor of Kozhikode made an insulting comment about the breasts of women , in the protest Rehanna Fatima uploaded a topless photo in which she was seen with two watermelons

Who is in controversy Rehana Fatima:
Rehana Fatima was born on 30 June 1986 in Ernakulam, Kerala, after taking a and MCA degree from Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Rehana joined BSNL as a Telecom Technician. Then Rehana tried her luck in films and TV. After playing role in film titled by Eka, She also did modeling, now she is working as a social worker in Kerala.

Rehana Fatima has also been in jail:

Let us tell you that in 2018, the entry of women was banned at the Sabarimala temple in Kerala, against which Rehana Fatima shared provocative posts from her Facebook account, due to which the Ayyappa Bhskts messed with their faith. A case was filed against Rehana for doing this. Due to this Rehana has also spent 18 days in jail.

Voice on gender issues:
Let us tell you, social activist Rehana Fatima who is active on social media writes her views on social cultural and especially gender issues.

Also, let us also tell you that the first film Rehana did to start her acting career was produced by her partner Manoj K. Sridhar. Manoj’s Sridhar is also involved in Rehana’s controversies, you can find out from this incident in 2014. In fact, the video clip of Rehana participating in the ‘Kiss of Love’ campaign against Moral Policing in Kochi, Kerala, was shared on Facebook by her partner Manoj K Sridhar, which caused a lot of ruckus at that time.

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