Ravi was spreading communalism on Facebook for 8 years by becoming ‘Nisha Jindal’, the police posted the truth

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A screenshot is going viral on social media. The caption is written with the picture of a young man – I am Nisha Jindal. I am in police custody.

New Delhi: A screenshot is going viral on social media. The caption is written with the picture of a young man – I am Nisha Jindal. I am in police custody. The story behind this screenshot is interesting. Ravi Pujar, 31, of Raipur, was living a double life as Nisha Jindal for the last eight years. Many IAS and IPS officers of the state were also added to his Facebook ID. Not only this, about 10 thousand people followed him and there were more than four thousand friends.

Pankaj Chandra of the team that captured Ravi told a new website ‘The Print’, ‘We were having a complaint for the last few days. A woman named Nisha Jindal was continuously writing communal posts and spreading hatred against Muslims. We started keeping an eye on him. Sometimes the post of distributing sanitizer came from his ID and sometimes the government got serious advice related to Corona. But 10 days ago he announced that the Government of India is going to give 10 thousand ventilators. After that we became cautious that who is this person who is making such a big announcement. ‘

He adds, ‘Nisha’s profile was recently updated that she is also working as an advisor in UN Security Counseling. Apart from this, she has also worked with the world’s best institutions. She has also been a scholar from Harvard University. We also felt that we should not make any mistake. Therefore, firstly we called in these institutions and found out whether a woman named Nisha Jindal works with them. When many institutions refused, our suspicion increased. ‘

Raipur Police has registered a case under Ravi 153 A, IPC 295 A, and 67 C IT Act. Four mobile phones and a laptop have also been seized from him.

After arresting Ravi Pujar, the police got the truth posted on social media
Regarding Ravi, the police said that he enrolled for engineering in a local private college in 2009, but never got a degree. When the police caught them, they said only two things – I used to do all this for fun and I used to feel complacent. Police said that when he was caught, he brought Nisha Jindal to him as soon as he was brought to the police station so that those 10,000 people would know the truth.

In his ID, Ravi also used to post like a serious officer and claimed to work with big institutions of the world. But sometimes I used to post something like this for the men on my list that I have turned 35, am beautiful and I am single.

Police say that details are now being extracted from his ID whether he has collected money through blackmailing or has made money through crowdfunding. Also, the history of deleted messages from his messenger is also being removed. Because many bureaucrats were attached to his list.

Ravi has pictures of Pakistani actress Miraha Pasha in his ID. People do not have any doubt, so he created six fake IDs and added them to Nisha Jindal’s profile as family members. And from time to time, I would also post in his praise. According to the police, he had dreams of becoming Bill Gates and Sundar Pichai.

The team that captured Ravi included Senior Superintendent of Police Arif Sheikh, IPS Abhishek Maheshwari, cyber cell team and ASP Pankaj Chandra. After 10 days of hard work, he was caught. He used to turn off the mobile phone after posting one, so the police had a lot of trouble in tracing his location.

Ravi comes from an ordinary family. Her father works as an office superintendent in the Department of Housing and Environment. There are four people in the family. According to the police, when the family came to know about Ravi, they were shocked and humiliated. However, Senior Superintendent of Police Arif Sheikh explained to the family and asked not to be disturbed.

At the moment, people are automatically getting separated from Nisha Jindal’s ID. Police will soon delete his ID.

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