Railway in lockdown: This is how you will travel in train in lockdown

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Indian Railways is starting operations of 15 special trains from the capital Delhi from Tuesday. Railways has said that over 45,533 tickets worth Rs 16.15 crore were booked for the next seven days of special trains. Indian Railways has issued new guidelines regarding running trains, starting passenger train services on select routes, including reaching the railway station at least one and a half hours earlier.

Passengers will not get sheets and towels
From May 12, the Railways will not provide sheets, towels, general food, drinks, etc. to passengers boarding trains. At present, only canned food and hand sanitizer will be provided to the passengers.

Wearing a mask is mandatory
Indian Railways says that it will be mandatory for all passengers to wear masks. The trains will have only air-conditioned class coaches, the fare will be as per the normal Rajdhani train. Indian Railways has advised its passengers to bring their own sheets, food and water, as the Railways will only give them canned food during the journey, for which they will have to pay.

Arogya Setu app has become mandatory for travel
Apart from this, Indian Railways has made it mandatory to download ‘Arogya Setu App’ over the phone for travel in special passenger trains starting from Tuesday. Railway on Monday advised to keep this app in the phone, which was not mandatory.

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