Rahul Gandhi Extends Support to Danish Ali Amidst Controversy Over Communal Slurs in Parliament

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New Delhi, September 23, 2023 – In a show of solidarity and support for Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MP Danish Ali, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi paid a visit to Ali’s residence in the national capital on Friday evening. The meeting came in the wake of a disturbing incident in the Lok Sabha earlier that day, where BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri resorted to derogatory remarks and communal slurs against Ali during a parliamentary session.

Rahul Gandhi Extends Support to Danish Ali Amidst Controversy Over Communal Slurs in ParliamentThe derogatory comments made by Bidhuri sparked outrage across the political spectrum and drew sharp criticism from opposition leaders. In response to the incident, Ali received a heartfelt visit from Rahul Gandhi, who sought to bolster his spirits.

Describing the encounter, Rahul Gandhi stated, “Nafrat ke Bazaar mein Mohabbat ki Dukan (Shop of love in the market of hate).” These words encapsulate the essence of their meeting, emphasizing the importance of unity and empathy in the face of adversity.

Danish Ali expressed his gratitude for the visit, saying, “He came here to keep my morale high and to extend his support… He said that I am not alone and everyone who is standing with democracy is standing with me.” Ali, in his pursuit of justice, had earlier listed the objectionable words used by Bidhuri in a letter to Speaker Om Birla, calling for sanctions against the offending MP.

The incident prompted widespread calls for punitive action against Bidhuri, and the BJP issued a show cause notice to the erring politician. Speaker Om Birla issued a stern warning of “strict action” in the event of a repeat offense, while Union Minister Rajnath Singh offered an apology on behalf of the party.

In response, Danish Ali made it clear that he was willing to take drastic steps if necessary, stating, “This is nothing less than hate speech. This is hate speech on the floor of the House. Hate speeches were being made outside Parliament, but now hate speech has been delivered on the floor of the House by a BJP MP. If action is not taken, then with a heavy heart, I can consider quitting the membership of this House because people have not sent me to Parliament to listen to hate speeches.”

The incident underscores the pressing need for unity and civility in political discourse and highlights the importance of standing up against hate speech and communal divisiveness in the highest legislative body of the nation.

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