Radhika Apte : I don’t think I took risk taking OTT projects

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Radhika Apte

Radhika Apte recently shares many loops around OTT. She says – “How could I envisage that it would become so big as it has today? Also, I don’t think I took any risk at that time. The platform on which my project was coming on was huge and it was just launching in India. Honestly, I was not worried about the platform. I was more worried about the content.” She further adds – “I don’t care about people’s opinions and I don’t even know what their opinions are.”

Radhika Apte says – “If I like the content, I would do it, and that is really what I am more worried about, not the platform really. I have done short films, series, web films, regional films. I don’t think like medium wise. I am very excited about it and extremely flattered. It is nice to be recognized for something that one has been doing.”

She says – “It has generated a lot of employment. A lot of technicians, writers, actors, are continuously working. OTT platforms give you an equal opportunity, whether it is a small film or a big films. The audience has an equal opportunity to choose what they want to watch. There are no longer the criteria such as how many shows a film would get, how many screens it would release in.”

Rahika concludes and says – “I had done a series year which will come out this year. Other than that it has been a long wait for me in terms of work but I think that was somewhat required. I am going to come back to India now. I will start to shoot right a films right away.”

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