PV Sindhu won her gold medal in singles in CWG 2022

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PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu, a double Olympic medalist, won her first Commonwealth Games singles gold medal with a 21-15, 21-13 victory over Canada’s Michelle Li. Sindhu has now finished the set, having won bronze in 2014, the same year Li won her gold medal, silver in 2018, and gold in Birmingham. Sindhu was wearing ankle strapping, which appeared to impede her movement early in the match. However, she appeared to have recovered and was darting around the court with abandon in the second game.

The flags are raised and the Indian national anthem is played during the live broadcast of PV Sindhu vs. Li.

The Indian flag is raised, flanked by the Canadian and Singapore flags. The Indian national anthem is then performed in the arena. Sindhu then poses for a photo with the silver and bronze medalists on the podium before inviting her own team to join her. She then gives a few fans high fives, signs a few autographs, takes a few selfies, and creates memories for fans to remember for the rest of their lives before leaving in a blaze of glory. That’s all for this live blog, but don’t forget to check out the others we have up and running; there are more badminton medals to be won, as well as hockey and table tennis.

Gold Medal For PV Sindhu At The CWG Badminton Championships!

PV Sindhu wins 21-15, 21-13. There you have it! PV Sindhu wins her first CWG singles gold medal. She won bronze in 2014, silver in 2018, and gold in 2019. It is her first gold medal in singles and her second gold medal overall; she was a member of the Indian team that won the mixed team event on the Gold Coast in 2018.

Live PV Sindhu vs Li: PV Sindhu 13-10 Li in Game 2!

Li spreads her wings on the floor in an attempt to reach Sindhu’s cross-court smash from her right, and the Indian extends her lead to six points. Li then wins the next two points, closing the gap to four points. However, it is Li herself who breaks the run with a failed cross-court smash that lands in the net. Li, on the other hand, keeps winning points and cuts the lead to three points after a 57-shot rally.

PV Sindhu vs. Li CWG final live: The players exit!

Jia Min Yeo, Michelle Li, and PV Sindhu, who high fives the Indian fans as she exits. This is Li’s second Olympic medal. The loudest applause is clearly reserved for Sindhu, who steps up to the podium and accepts the gold medal.

CWG badminton live: PV Sindhu wins first game 21-15!

PV Sindhu wins the first game because Li is unable to get a net shot off. Sindhu clenches her fist and lets out a short scream as she walks to the side of the court. The gold medal is now only one game away. Li is hurting her case with unforced errors, which she needs to eliminate completely if she wants to win this match.

PV Sindhu 5-5 Li in Game 1

She’s getting better, but Sindhu’s movements are still limited due to whatever injury she has on her left ankle. Li is making the most of this by getting the Indian to move as much as possible.

Live: Sindhu vs Li Mixed Doubles Medal Ceremony

If you’re wondering why Sindhu and Li are taking so long to enter the court, it’s because the mixed doubles medalists are enjoying their well-deserved moment of glory. As the athletes exit the arena after standing on the podium, medals are flashed around and selfies are taken. It is the first of five medal ceremonies scheduled for today.

Live coverage of the CWG badminton finals: Sindhu’s Achilles’ heel

No, we’re not referring to a flaw in the Indian superstar, but rather to her Achilles’ tendon, which appeared to be causing her pain during the semi-final against Jia Min Yeo of Singapore. Jia was able to push Sindhu in both games due to her inability to move, but Sindhu still managed to win in straight games. I’m not sure how much it will affect the outcome of today’s game.

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