Producer director Sawan Kumar passes away due to heart attack at the age of 86

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Producer director Sawan Kumar passes away due to heart attack at the age of 86Sawan Kumar, who was 86 years old, had a protracted illness. He has been feverish and weak for the past few days. He passed away in the hospital today.

At Mumbai’s Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Sawan Kumar Tak, the producer-director of blockbuster movies like Sanam Bewafa, Sautan, and Saajan Bina Suhagan, has died.

Many artists were collaborators of SK Tak

From Sanjeev Kumar to Salman Khan, SK Tak collaborated with a variety of artists. The filmmaker and Sawan Kumar’s nephew Naveen Tak discussed this, stating that he passed away from a heart attack and multiple organ failure. His nephew claimed that he was hospitalised because the family believed he had pneumonia but later discovered that his lungs were irreparably damaged. Following this, SK Tak was given a medical ICU admission. After a very bad turn of events.

As a producer, Sawan Kumar Tak created his first movie, Naunihal

People have enjoyed Sawan Kumar Tak’s entertainment for many years. Sanjeev Kumar played the lead in Naunihal, his first production as a producer. Meena Kumari collaborated with SK Tak.

Additionally, Sawan Kumar Tak has collaborated with Salman Khan, Jayaprada, and Rajesh Khanna

Salman Khan, Jitendra, Sridevi, Jayaprada, and  have all collaborated with SK Tak. Sanam Bewafa, Bewafa Se Wafa, Villainika, Maa, Salma, Sautan Ki Beti, Luv, Sautan, Saajan Bin Suhagan, Sautan Ki Beti, Bewafa Se Wafa, He produced and directed movies like Chand Ka Tukda, Sanam Harjai, and Dil Aa Gaya. He was renowned for producing movies aimed at women.

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