Pratik Gandhi says 2020 has changed his life totally

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Pratik Gandhi

Pratik Gandhi recently opens about his experiences of 2020 and tells it did change his life. Talking about 2020, he says – “2020 has been a life-changing year for me in many ways. Also the biggest reason is Scam 1992. Suddenly I was a nationally-recognized actor. I did was put on a national platform, and maybe on an international platform too. Suddenly I’m have been getting really interesting projects. I have been taking seriously as an actor at a time when the world is going through the worst crisis of the century”.

Pratik Gandhi also speaks about the era of pandemic – “As a family, we never felt more helpless. It was horrible! My brother did hospitalize with Covid-19. I, my wife mother and daughter were Covid Positive. I couldn’t even go meet my brother in the hospital. By God’s grace, we survived. We are fine now. But this experience taught me one very big lesson.” He also  further adds – “I had seen medical emergencies before during my wife’s brain-tumour operation and my father’s cancer treatment when we lost him. During these medical crises, I was trying to meet doctors, procure the best medicines, etc. But this time I couldn’t do anything because. I couldn’t go out. I felt helpless. Realized we are not in control of anything. It’s the Almighty who decides everything for us”.

While Pratik Gandhi also shares his plans for 2021 and says – “After Scam 1992 I was warned by many that the next series will decide the future course of my career. I also took the pressure for some time and then decided I won’t change my selection process. There are no thumb rules for the right choice. I have always gone by my gut feel. I won’t change my process of selection. Whether it is a theatre or cinema, I’ve gone by instincts and will continue to do so. I’ve already committed myself to a few web series and feature. I am hopeful that some of my work in 2021 would create the same magic as Scam 1992.”


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