Pranitha Subhash Sitting at her husband’s feet as part of a religious ritual, argument erupted over this photo of actress: she responded

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Pranitha Subhash

Pranitha Subhash is a popular Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi film actress. She was recently heavily trolled by netizens after she shared a photo of herself performing a ritual that married women often perform in the month of Ashada.

The actress was photographed performing the Bheemana Amavasya puja while sitting at her husband Nitin Raju’s feet. While many netizens praised the actress for adhering to her traditional customs, others were offended by her performance of the ritual. “All the men are praising her,” one user tweeted. Why don’t men wash women’s feet and reciprocate? That is equality,” wrote one user, while another added, “Just wondering.. why u need to sit at ur husband’s feet… You are both equal… Stop the patriarchy…” The actress has now responded to the criticism.

“Well, everything in life has two sides,” Pranitha Subhash said in an interview with ETimes. In this case, however, 90 percent of those polled agreed. I ignore the rest. Just because I’m an actor and the industry is known for its glitz doesn’t mean I can’t follow a ritual in which I grew up watching and completely believe. My cousins, neighbours, and friends have all done it as well. I did the puja last year when I was newly married, but I didn’t share the photo.”

“In fact, this isn’t something new to me. I’ve always been a traditionalist at heart, and I adore anything that has values, rituals, and family at its heart. Being at home has always appealed to me, as has living in a large family. Aside from my parents, I’ve grown up surrounded by aunts, grandmothers, and uncles, which I enjoy. Sanatana dharma is a beautiful concept that embraces all, and I am a firm believer in it. “One can be forward-thinking and modern without forgetting one’s roots,” Pranitha Subhash added.

Pranitha then commented on an online debate about why it is only the wife who prays for her husband’s long life and not vice versa. She stated that the debate is pointless because they pray for each other’s health and well-being.

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