Pearle Maaney – Motherhood won’t affect my career choices

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pearle maaney

Pearle Maaney talks about her motherhood and says – “With motherhood, nothing changes when it comes to work choices. As more responsibilities enter your life, you need to be able to juggle everything. That’s what a woman is all about and I’m preparing myself to do so.”

She further adds and talk about future work and says – “I hope directors would consider me an actor and not a married woman or a mother, and work with me for my talent. In Kerala, most of the top actress are married and have children. But that didn’t affect their performance or choices. As a performer, I should be offered roles that would bring out the best in me”.

While calling motherhood Pearle Maaney says – “the best feeling and education in the world”, the actor adds, “The baby would teach me a lot of things, help me see the world from a different perspective which is much more pure, real and innocent. It’ll remind me of who I am.”

Pearle Maaney concludes about upcoming Tamil Film and says – “I can’t talk about them right now. But the good thing is when I informed them that I’m pregnant they said that they are ready to wait. I think once you work with dada (Anurag Basu, director Ludo) many more doors open for you”.

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