Pankaj Tripathi: I don’t worry if I lose on endorsements or films

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Pankaj Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi says – “I am content with whatever I have with me. I am satisfied and I have conditioned myself such that my needs are limited. Hence, I don’t worry if I lose on endorsements or film projects. You should work for love primarily and I often let go off lucrative offers if they don’t match with my value system.”

Pankaj Tripathi adds – “Often actors would wish to make the most of their success and good run in the entertainment industry but I maintain I am a stickler for merit, choosing stories or films and even endorsements only when they appeal to me. After endorsing Khadi Mall in his home town, Patna as a philanthropic gesture, I have  established that his brands must also be an extension of his value system.”

Actor Pankaj Tripathi explains – “I am a sentimental man who decides from his heart. And works for the sheer joy of art. I am thankfully past that phase where I worked for survival. Quality is important to me. And I want my work to create a rich legacy that will inspire many more artists like me. While at this point in my life, if I work for anything except for the power of the stories that appeal to me. Also I’d be inauthentic to myself. I am happy with work coming my way. I am associating with collaborators who are making me better. And that’s enough to ensure I get a good night’s sleep. Aur kya chahiye!”

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