One of the most liked n trending reels is Shaykaa’s special reel for Bollywood’s megastar Salman Khan sir birthday

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ShaykaaLots of celebs, fans, and well wishers wished him in their own way, she chose to dance on his favorite song, pyar dilon ka mela, from his movie Dulhan hum le jaayenge, and we also noticed his picture effect on her while dancing.

Kisi ka bhai kisi ki Jaan rules on many hearts, close ones to Shaykaa reveal she connects to him as a man with Golden heart, and is connected to his vibe since his first movie Biwi ho to Aisi.

The versatile tanzanian actress favourite being is, and always will be Salman Khan, he is also her inspiration for her fitness, acting career, and humanity.

One thing they share in common is being human, humanity first, she admires his helpful nature, he is just selfless, always living for others happiness, ready to help, has a giving nature.

Would be a sight to see her meet, and work with the man of her dreams. ( Salman Khan)
Fingers crossed for you #shaykaa

Video credits Pitamber Kamra

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