Officer turned actor Adarsh Kumar to appear in film Gotakhor and film Damned Graveyard

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Adarsh Kumar actor
Actor Adarsh Kumar

Nowadays the craze of cinema speaks to the head of almost every person. Along with ordinary people, the officers working in some good positions are also interested in acting and try their luck in the same. The example of this is Adarsh Kumar who is officer in horticulture department of Mathura. Adarsh Kumar, who has been working in Bollywood since the year 2013, is busy shooting many films now a days.

       Let us tell you that actor Adarsh Kumar was born on 15 December 1979 in the family of Raja Gajraj and great freedom fighter Raja Laxman Singh at a place called Durauli in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He said that he was fond of acting since childhood, due to which he used to participate in many annual functions in his school. Adarsh Kumar, currently living in Agra, had a good education, as well as a promising student, which resulted in him becoming an officer in horticulture department Mathura. Despite being successful in education, the actor inside Adarsh was still awake, due to which he tried his luck in films. Due to good acting and looks, with less efforts he started getting offers to play some good characters in film.
    The actor told that he has played the role of businessman Karan Chaddha in the film Baraat Company and a forest officer in the film Haunted Hills which was directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput. Apart from these films, he is also going to appear in important roles in his upcoming films like Gotakhor, Damned Graveyard and Not Reachable.

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