Nora Fatehi – once a casting director did scream & said you’re talentless

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Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi is an actress famous for her acting skills. She did came to India from Canada. While Nora did not know anyone in Industry. Also She did face many nasty experiences while working in her initial days and they are something that cannot be recall. Talking about them she says – “There was one casting director that I met in the first few months that I came to India. She almost made me feel like packing my bags and leaving. Nora said to me, ‘There were too many people like you here. Our industry is sick and tired of people like you. We don’t want you.’ She was screaming at me. She was shouting, ‘You are talentless, we don’t want you”.

Nora Fatehi gets exclaim by the outburst and says that she feels like it would have also driven her to work more harder and did gets her here. Nora says –  “I just left and I cried so much. I didn’t ask for it because that casting director called me, I didn’t even know who she was. She called me to her house and she sat me down just to scream at me. I was new in the country, so I was like, ‘Is this what everyone does here? Just call people to scream at them?’ Maybe what she said to me and how she said it was low-key a driving force”.

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