Nimrat Kaur share her experience watching TENET in cinema hall

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Nimrat Kaur
Nimrat Kaur visits first time to the cinema hall to watch Tenet after they reopens on Thursday. Tenet is a movie starring Christopher Nolan. She shares a picture and captions it with emotions of how she did feels while watching the movie.

Nimrat Kaur writes – “Today, nearly after 10 months, I was in a movie theatre, all by myself, like a child in a private magic show, watching a mind-bending masterclass in science fiction by one of the world’s greatest ever. But for the first time ever, a story seemed lesser impossible than our reality. The surreality of this experience I hold very close to my heart, as I do the sheer resilience of the human spirit waiting to bounce back,” she wrote, sharing photos of herself wearing a mask and the seemingly empty theatre.

“Slowly yet surely, overcome it all, we shall. Only a matter of time. As a recurring dialogue from today goes – ‘What’s happened has happened.’ Long live the movies. And their ethereal magic. #CurrentNormal #SurrealTimes #TENET,”

Ayushman Khurana and Ranveer Singh did comments with love on her post. He fans also commented on her fand. While on one hand a fan – “Oh! How I miss going to the movies with my people. Such good times!,”  another wrote “A good pick to watch! Mind bending n cinematic brilliance… The Usual Nolan muvi,” says the another.

The movie Tenet features Dimple Kapadia as Priya Singh in the role of arms dealer. Nimrat was seen in many advertisements and music videos. She made her Bollywood Debut in 2012 in Peddlers.

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