MS Dhoni’s Car Collection Hits a New High with Stunning Pontiac Addition!

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S Dhoni's Car Collection Hits a New High with Stunning Pontiac Addition!
S Dhoni’s Car Collection Hits a New High with Stunning Pontiac Addition!


Former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni is truly living life in the fast lane during his break from competitive cricket. Embracing his love for automobiles, the Chennai Super Kings icon has been spotted cruising the streets of his hometown, Ranchi, in a jaw-dropping vintage Pontiac Trans-Am 1973, just days after dazzling fans with a Rolls Royce ride.

Known for his exceptional cricketing prowess, MS Dhoni’s passion for cars and bikes has become a fascinating topic for his legion of followers. The latest addition to his extraordinary collection, the iconic Pontiac, was caught on camera as an enthralled fan shared the video on social media.

Clad in shades and a sleeveless t-shirt, Dhoni effortlessly flaunted his prized possession, leaving spectators in awe of his automotive prowess. This vintage gem could very well be the latest treasure in his stunning repertoire of luxury and vintage cars.

Speaking of his automotive empire, Dhoni boasts an impressive garage at his Ranchi residence that would make any automobile enthusiast green with envy. With a staggering fleet of at least 70 bikes, featuring renowned brands like Kawasaki Ninja, Ducati, Harley Davidson, and more, his collection showcases his unrivaled passion for speed and style.

MS Dhoni’s love for luxury and vintage cars is equally unparalleled. His impressive lineup includes a luxurious KIA EV6 worth Rs 61 lakh, a jaw-dropping Hummer H2 valued at Rs 75 lakh, and classics like Land Rover and Audi Q7, among others. A cherished gem in his assortment is the Rolls Royce Silver Wraith II, which he was recently spotted driving around the city in sheer sophistication.

MS Dhoni’s dedication to his automotive passion reaches new heights with a dedicated multi-storey garage that houses his vast collection. Recently revealed to the public through a video posted by former Indian cricketer Venkatesh Prasad, the garage showcases an entire floor dedicated to motorcycles and a ground floor filled with a magnificent array of cars. Describing the scene as awe-inspiring, Prasad likened it to a showroom.

When asked by his wife, Sakshi Dhoni, about the immense collection, the cricket legend humorously replied, “Because you took everything, so I needed to have something of my own. So this is the only thing allowed.” This candid response reveals the depth of Dhoni’s passion for automobiles and how they hold a special place in his heart.

As fans eagerly await his return to the cricket field, MS Dhoni continues to make waves with his off-field adventures. With his vintage Pontiac and an enviable collection of cars and bikes, Dhoni continues to race ahead, setting new milestones in his own personal lane of luxury and style.

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