Mother’s Day: Sherlyn Chopra thanked her mother like this !

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A friend, a mentor, our first teacher – a mother plays an infinite role in the lives of her children. No matter how big we have grown, our dependence remains on them. Our mother is present as a consultant whenever we need to. We are all inspired by our mothers. And one of them is the industry’s most stylish and glamorous actress-producer, Sherlyn Chopra.

Sherlyn said “Although my father was a doctor, my mother was not really dependent on her for her daily needs.” She ran a beauty salon and had me as the manager of her salon. I remember when I was in the 7th grade, I was trained by my mother to supervise the staff, look at her account, and focus on the proper handling of all the hair and beauty tools used in the salon.

Today, as a producer and content producer, I thank my mother for training me well and hard to be a boss babe. Thank you, mother, for teaching me the meaning and value of entrepreneurship. Happy mother’s day “

Sherlyn Chopra was last seen in the rap video, Qatar, which was loved by her fans. The rap is produced by Sherlyn Chopra Production. Sherlyn Chopra is considered the queen of social media. Sherlyn, who has made a mark in web series, short films and glamor videos, is currently producing content for the OTT platforms and social media applications.

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