Milind Soman says: Not illegal to be nude in most places

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Milind Soman says – “Indian culture is so huge, diverse and inclusive. I have travelled a lot, spoken to people and lived with people from different regions in different states and you will never know what Indian culture is. The problem is that people think whatever my house, my family does is a good culture and what others do, that’s American. So for them let me share that in America, it is illegal to be nude. And in most places in India, it is not. I feel this is Indian culture.”

He further adds – “If Instagram had a problem with it, they would have voted. Insta also have their own laws and the regulations. For me, this is how society is, where everybody has an opinion but again the opinions should not affect anyone.”

Milind did speak about the backlash in an earlier interview, and welcomed those that were offended to unfollow him. He says –  “If you know someone who has done naked photography before, he is quite likely to do it again. Why not? Because he doesn’t see anything wrong with it. I have done it commercially, for magazines, for newspapers, I have done it as a model, as an actor, I have done sex scenes. Why wouldn’t I put it on my Instagram page? If you don’t want to follow me, don’t follow me.”

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