Married woman walking with another guy was brutally beaten being tied to a tree in Rajasthan

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Married woman walking with another guyRajasthan News: In Banswara district of Rajasthan, three videos one after the other went viral on the social site, in these videos some youths were seen tied to a tree and some youths were seen brutally assaulting a married woman. As soon as the information about this viral video was received, the police immediately came into action, the police has started investigating the matter.

A video showing a young guy and a woman being viciously beaten while being tied to a tree went viral late on Friday night in the Ghatol neighbourhood of Rajasthan Banswara district. A young man is shown brutally beating a tree in the house’s courtyard with a rope in three viral films that are posted one after the other.

The girl’s screams can be seen in the video, but the accused won’t stop. When the police officers saw the footage, they began to learn the truth. It was discovered that the viral footage comes from the Ghatol subdivision at 11:38 p.m. The police then departed for the area of activity.

The incident allegedly occurred three days ago. The victim adolescent is also anticipated to be from the surrounding village, and the female is married. When the young guy and the girl arrived at the village of Mudasel, someone told the girl’s family. After that, the girl’s family members drove to Mudasel village, where they forcibly transported the young man and woman in a vehicle, chained them both to a building’s courtyard, and beat them.

Three videos that depict a young man violently beating another young man with sticks after tying a rope to a tree in the home’s courtyard have gone popular on social media. The videos are 35, 32, and 8 seconds long. The victim is being questioned at the opposite end of the courtyard while being restrained by a rope. Five to six other persons may be spotted in the courtyard during the entire affair.

As soon as SP Rajesh Kumar Meena became aware of the viral video, late at night, Ghatol ordered DSP Kailash Chandra and SHO Karamveer Singh to look into the situation. The SHO then revealed the entire situation after hours. Additionally, there is evidence regarding the detention of certain juveniles who assaulted. The police will reveal more information about this case today.

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