Manoj Muntashir says Saif’s comment on Raavan was misunderstood

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Manoj Muntashir

Manoj Muntashir recently reveals that Saif’s comment on humanising Raavan from film Adipurush was misunderstood. He did not mean that. Manoj Muntashir says – “Saif was recently getting trolls for his remarks about [humanising] Lankesh, but there is nothing offensive in the film. Saif was misunderstood. Ravana is perceived as an all-black figure, but in our film, he will be in sight in all his shades. He will be shown as a flamboyant king, who was also cruel and sadistic,” said the writer and lyricist. He further adds “Ravana believes that he was more powerful than Ram. And could never fathom why Sita couldn’t fall in love with him.”

Manoj further explains and talks about Saif Ali Khan as actor and says -“Saif is a thinking actor and asks questions to understand his role better. He gets into the skin of the character.”

While due to all this Saif also apologies and say that – “I’ve been on the path to be aware that one of my statements during an interview. It did cause controversy and hurt people’s sentiments. This was never my intention or it does not mean that way. I would like to sincerely apologise to everybody and withdraw my statement. Lord Ram has always been the symbol of Righteousness & Heroism for me. Adipurush is about celebrating the victory of good over evil. And the entire team is working together to present the epic without any distortions.”

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