Manav Kaul opens up on the battling of COVID -19

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Manav Kaul
Manav Kaul was tested positive few months ago. He says that throughout that journey he has been believing that he will be ok. He says that his sole concern was to not to spread the Corona Virus. He got infected when he was shooting for his upcoming movie “Nail Polish”

Talking about this, he further says – “My doctor friend was very helpful. He said ‘you are a fit person and you live alone, so don’t worry about anything’. He checked my report and said I had very mild Covid. So I was confident that I would be fine. I just didn’t want to give Covid to anyone else. I was completely at home for about two weeks. Then I tested negative, so it was okay.”

Talking about movie Nail Polish he says – “The title is absolutely stunning as far as a thriller is concerned. We want people to be curious about why we chose ‘Nail Polish’. There are four men in the film and it’s a courtroom drama. It is intriguing. But after watching the film, you will feel the title is apt.”

Manav Kaul further addresses – “I am playing Veer Singh, who is a sports coach and trains kids. He loves kids. He helps people, too. Suddenly, there is a charge against him. Then, Arjun’s character comes in. He feels that my character is innocent.”

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