Mallika Dua says that she is actor before anything else

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Mallika Dua is populous as comedian and actor. Her viewers and audience around the globe always remembers her to be someone breaking and blurring the boundaries. She states that she is happy to be a part of industry and its current wave. Mallika Dua says that many people are not aware about her studying the acting. She addresses her to be an actor first before anything else. She says people only like to slot the person into villains vs this that but never tries to understand. While along with this Mallika states that all are performers no wonder in that, rather than classifying them one should understand that performers have to mould their acting no matter what.

Mallika addresses that she agrees to the projects only when she feel that it is an opportunity and satisfies her. Talking about Indoo ki Jawaani she addresses that she was laughing and smiling all through the narration of Indoo ki Jawaani. She says that it feels like she is contributing something to the film be it personality, significance or more. She says that she moreover looks at the significance of the character rather than looking towards the huge cast the film persists. At the and she concludes that she is happy to be the part of this.

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