Life gave a very big chance to me in a my early life : Aditya Giri, India’s youngest film producer

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Aditya Giri Producer
Aditya Giri Producer

Today we are going to tell you about Aditya Giri, India’s youngest film producer. Can you imagine that a 17 year old boy can make his mark as a filmmaker in the Bollywood world. Born in Pune Maharashtra, Aditya Giri has done the same feat.

Aditya, the founder of Seven Unique Films, recently released the music song “Na tu mili”. After his unprecedented success, he has come into the limelight. Speaking to the media, he told that “Life gave a very big chance to me in a my early life. This was our dream project which we made it true through our hard work. We are working on it to make it more successful. We have many more projects lined up which gonna be out very soon. we are working for your entertainment and enjoyment. ”

Aditya Giri is currently studying in Class XII from Commerce stream. Along with this, he is also interested in reading good books and in many sports like cricket. Aditya proved that big age is not required to do big work. If your intentions are strong then you will definitely get success.

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