Kunaal Roy Kapur – I’ve been getting the offer of Comedy space only

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Kunaal Roy Kapur

Kunaal Roy Kapur was recently came in sight through Web-Series Sandwiched Forever. Sandwiched Forever did came on the Sony LIV. Kunaal Roy Kapur seems to be best fitting in comedy scene and series as his role.

While talking about the title, he says – “The title is justified because of the situation that this couple finds themselves in. They set out to make a life on their own and be this nuclear family only to find that they are sandwiched between both their parents. They thought they would be living life on their own terms and will have their own space, their own house, but this is what they have been struck with. So, that’s why Sandwiched Forever.”

When asked about loving the characters and doing it in Comedy space. Kunaal Roy Kapur talks about the roles and says that – “No, it’s just the stuff that is offered to me. Everything that’s offered to me is in the comedy space. Even with my comedic characters, I try to make them not just comic fluffs. I try to give them some depth, and they have some resonance and relevance to the story. So, even though my character may be comedic. He is definitely an important part of the plot and the whole story. So I really enjoy playing these characters, but it doesn’t mean that that’s the only thing I have to offer. Of course, I would love to do more drama and maybe play an antagonist. But, honestly, I’m fortunate to do what I love doing and making a living out of it. So I’m not complaining. If I never get a serious role in my life and only get comedy roles, I’ll be fine since I will still be getting work.”

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