Krishna Shroff reveals reason behind break-up with Eban Hyams

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Krishna Shroff

Actor Tiger Shroff‘s sister Krishna Shroff finally opens about her break-up with Eban Hyams. Talking about the break up she says – “There were many things that eventually led to it, but I’ll keep that private. I think we both just realized we would be better off as friends as opposed to being in a relationship, so it wasn’t very messy of a break up at all.” She said that she is enjoying single life and the fact that she can concentrate on herself and her work ‘without any distractions or the drama a relationship tends to bring.”

Krishna Shroff says that they are not in chain to see each other any day soon. She says that on a picture with chef Salt Bae to which Eban Hyams commented ‘moves quick’. Talking about that Krishna Shroff says – “I honestly haven’t even thought about that yet since it’s only been a little over a month since my break up. I’m really enjoying this time to myself and doing the things I love and want to. It’s been refreshing,” she said, adding that she is in touch with Eban, ‘but not as much anymore.”

Krishna Shroff requested all the fan clubs and followers and says not to tag them. Talking about this she wrote – “All you fan clubs are cute and all. But please stop tagging me in edits with Eban. We aren’t together anymore. So stop associating us. Letting you all know since it was so public.”

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