Kirti Kulhari says – 5 hours of shoot feel like 24 hours

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KirtI kulhari
Kirti KulharI says that  it is getting tough to acknowledge the fact that shoot were of long hours too. She says that it is happening due to a long break. While many actors have begun shooting for several projects, movies and more. She states that this is tough for everyone in different aspects. Kirti Kulhari addresses that it is challenging in terms of handling guidelines too. She says that everyone have to maintain the guidelines on set and it itself is a challenge. But with standard operations like PPE kits, masks, sanitizer and more we all manage to work along. She says that she too is shooting with all the safety precautions that needs to be followed.

Kirti Kulhari says that she was very excited to start working. While according to the sources, she is also starting to work on several new projects from this months. Next month is the month of releases for her. She states that yes some projects are definitely led forward due to Covid -19 situations but many projects are still going on. She says that Four More Shots please‘s season third is also being pushed forward.

When asked that how was her experience shooting after such a long break. She says that 12 hour shoot was a normal thing for earlier but now even 5-6 hours shoot feels like she is shooting for 24 hours. Kirti says that after such a long time everyone has got into the habit of not working long hours and more. Putting forward that she addresses that she is having back to back shoots on list for upcoming stint and she is looking forward to it.

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