Kirti Kaul is named as SP’s candidate for the by-election for Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council

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Kirti Kaul

Kirti Kaul, who has contested the assembly elections from Mirzapur’s Chhanve , has been declared a candidate by the Samajwadi Party in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council by-election.

In the race for two Legislative Council seats, the Samajwadi Party has put up a candidate. The contender has been named as Kirti Kol of Mirzapur. A member of the Scheduled Tribe, Kirti Kaul, previously ran for office in Mirzapur’s Chhanbe Vidhan Sabha district.

In the assembly, SP has 110 legislators, RLD has eight, and Subhasa has six. However, SubhaSP and SP’s courses have since diverged. Shivpal Singh Yadav is also taking a different route in SP. Even after this, the SP formulated a plan to maintain the support of its MLAs by running a candidate. The BJP has named candidates for both positions. In this election, legislators participate. Daughter of former MP Bhailal Kaul and inhabitant of Mirzapur, Kirti Kaul.

His candidacy was made by the BJP:

While encouraging the regional office holders by nominating Dharmendra Singh Sainthwar, the BJP has also made an effort to engage the Sainthwar caste, which makes up the majority of Gorakhpur’s lower class electorate. Similar to this, it has attempted to send a message to the oppressed class by announcing Prayagraj resident Nirmala Paswan as the candidate and increasing the representation of women. 273 MLAs in the assembly are part of the BJP alliance.

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