Kirti Kaul, a Samajwadi Party candidate, had her nomination rejected due to young age

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Kirti Kaul

Kirti Kaul announced her candidacy on Monday for two Legislative Council seats in Uttar Pradesh is scheduled for August 11. In this election, the BJP has nominated Dharmendra Singh Santhwar and Nirmala Paswan. Kirti Kaul, a tribal youth leader, has been nominated by the Samajwadi Party (SP). Kirti Kaul filed her nomination on August 1, but it was rejected by the Election Commission. Because Kirti Kol’s nomination was withdrawn, the BJP candidates are expected to win the election unopposed.

Let us remind you that the minimum age for running in the Legislative Council election (MLC election) is 30 years, but Kirti Kaul listed her age as 28 years in her nomination. Because of her young age, SP candidate Kirti Kaul nomination was rejected. Kirti Kaul announced her candidacy on Monday. Kirti Kaul is also the Mahila Sabha national secretary of the Samajwadi Party (SP). Kirti Kaul is the daughter of former MLA Bhai Lal Kaul and hails from the Mirzapur district.

Kirti Kaul also ran in the 2022 assembly elections but was defeated. Kirti Kol ran for the Mirzapur district assembly seat of Chhanbe. Kirti Kaul is a member of the tribal community. By fielding Kirti Kaul, Akhilesh Yadav’s party attempted to send a message that the SP is not anti-tribal.

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