Kiku Sharda says there’s no fight with Krushna Abhishek

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Kiku Sharda
When asked about the tiff between Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda, Kiku says – “There is no fight at all, it’s a part of the script yaar”. Kiku and Krushna  are right now a viable part of the family entertainment show “Comedy nights with The Kapil Sharma“. They both are most talented and versatile actors when it comes to their profession of entertainment. While there are many instances when Kiku’s script allows him to talk about the equation between Krushna and Govinda knowing that they both do not share a good equation.

When asked to Kiku sharda how does it feels to maintain the limits when talking personal and trying to not to hurt anyone’s sentiment. Kiku says – “No, because invariably we are on the same page. Our final motive is to entertain the audience. That is what we are striving to do. Obviously scripts are discussed internally before we go on stage. It’s nothing at all which both of us don’t know. We are aware, there’s no chance of anything like that happening.”

He states – “He’s a dear friend, and a talented boy. I enjoy working with him”. He further concludes by saying – “There is no fight between me and Kiku. These are all just rumours. I love him, and I absolutely love working with him.” Guess all’s well that ends well!”

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