Kashmera Shah accidentally slaps nikki? – Bigg Boss 14

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Bigg Boss 14 is turning the table around in every way possible. According to the sources in upcoming episode Kashmera Shah seems slapping Nikki Tamboli. In upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14 all the contestants have to appear for an in house task. The task was that they all have to wear a huge duck shaped tube around their waist and the one who will be removing it or tries to get rid of it, will be out of the task. While the task was happening Kashmera Shah and Nikki Tamboli experiences a huge havoc between them.

In Tuesday’s episode they experiences a fight during the captaincy task. Also in the promo, Nikki Tamboli was seen telling that she wants to become captain, she will become captain. Also she addresses that she can fight for it no matter what. Wherein Rubina Dilaik advises Nikki Tamboli that they cannot disqualify in the very first round.

While on the other hand, Kashmera Shah, Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant teams up during captaincy task and says that they will never let Nikki Tamboli to become captain on Bigg Boss 14 house. When the captaincy tasks was taking place Kashmera and Nikki Tamboli had a fight over Kashmera pushing Nikki. Nikki then removes her tube and says that you cannot do this and tries to pull out Kashmera’s tube too. Meanwhile Kashmera tries to pull Nikki away and in order to do that, she accidentally touches Nikki’s Cheek. What if it was really a slap? we will come to know in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14.

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