Kanika Kapoor reveals dealing with backlash after testing Covid Positive

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Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor writes – “For the past four days I have had signs of flu, I got myself tested and it came positive for COVID-19. My family and I are in complete quarantine now and following medical advice on how to move forward.”

Kanika Kapoor says – “I think it was immature of people to not really know the reality and just go by the media stories. I think it was unfair on the media’s part to not know the reality, without thinking that they are maligning the girl.”

Talking about coronavirus and her fears with the deadly virus, Kanika said, “I felt it was just like a flu. I did not know what to expect. I think I was overwhelm with the response of people around me. That took over everything else I went through. My family was a bit concerned but touchwood I was in good hands and the doctors took good care. For me it was a bad thing”.

Wthile also talking about Kanika she has sang many hit songs. She sang Chhil Gaye Naina, Lovely, Kamli, Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan and Da Da Dasse. She is famous for her party beats. The singer had got married in 1997 to an NRI businessman and is a mother to three kids.

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