Kamya Punjabi takes a dig as Arshi reacts to Vikas’s Push – Bigg Boss 14

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Kamya Punjabi took a dig on Arshi Khan for unpleasantly reacting towards Vikas Gupta and losing her calm. Arshi Khan loses her temper and reacts too much on Vikas Gupta after the provocation he was binging on. Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan’s rivalry is taking its heights. A huge fight took place in last night’s episode in Bigg Boss 14 house. While even they both entered the house since then there fights are creating huge havocs. Arshi has been continuing to provoke Vikas Gupta but Vikas keeps on ignoring her. However, the fight that happened last night turns out to be very ugly. Their arguments did turns dirty and Vikas Gupta also pushes Arshi Khan.

Arshi Khan then continues to abuse Vikas Gupta by using bad words and talks about her family. Vikas Gupta on this note gets aggressive and pushes Arshi Khan in swimming pool. Kamya Punjabi then reacts towards the nasty fights that took place last night. Kamya writes saying that “Jo tum itne dino se kar rahi ho woh aaj Vikas Gupta ne kiya toh chatka kyu lagaaa dhakka diya dhakka diya. Awww”

Despite giving the warnings they both continues with same nasty fights hence Bigg Boss reprimands both of them.

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