Jawan Movie Sequel on the Horizon, but Nayanthara’s Role in Question

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Jawan Movie Sequel on the Horizon, but Nayanthara's Role in Question

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest blockbuster, “Jawan,” has taken the global box office by storm, amassing a staggering 907.54 crores in just 13 days, with 511.04 crores net in India alone. The film, directed by Atlee Kumar, has not only set records but has also left fans eagerly anticipating the possibility of a sequel, hinted at the end of the movie.

Addressing the swirling rumors about a sequel, director Atlee revealed, “For ‘Jawan,’ if anything strong comes to me, I will make a part two. I have kept an open end and I can come up with a sequel now or later. But definitely will come up with a sequel to ‘Jawan’ one day.” This revelation sent fans into a frenzy, with speculations running wild about the cast of the potential sequel.

While “Jawan” marked Nayanthara’s impressive debut in Hindi cinema after achieving remarkable success in South Indian films, it appears that her involvement in the sequel may be uncertain. Reports suggest that Nayanthara is upset with director Atlee for allegedly giving more prominence to Deepika Padukone’s role, despite her special appearance in the film.

A source revealed, “She [Nayanthara] has been very upset with Atlee because her role was chopped in the film. Also, Deepika’s [Padukone] character was elevated, and Nayanthara’s part was significantly sidelined.” Deepika Padukone makes a special appearance in the movie as Vikram Rathod’s wife, portrayed by Shah Rukh Khan.

The source further emphasized that “Jawan” felt more like an “SRK-Deepika” film than a cameo appearance for Deepika. Nayanthara, a leading actor in the South Indian film industry, was reportedly displeased with the film’s treatment.

Regarding Nayanthara’s absence from promotional events and the success press meet of “Jawan,” the source clarified that the actress follows a “no promotion policy” due to past unfavorable experiences, including being misquoted. Nayanthara believes her primary role is acting and prefers not to engage in promotional activities.

The unexpected turn of events surrounding Nayanthara’s involvement in the “Jawan” sequel has left fans intrigued and curious about the future of this successful on-screen pairing. While the excitement for a potential sequel remains, the fate of Nayanthara’s role hangs in the balance, adding an intriguing twist to this cinematic journey.

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