Jaaved Jaaferi says he avoids overtly sexual comedy

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Jaaved Jaaferi

Jaaved Jaaferi says he loves making people laugh and says – “It’s not one person’s job in a film. The writer and director are there, it’s a combined effort. You can only go a certain amount above a script. If the script itself isn’t good, or doesn’t have the punch, how much can you take it ahead? All of this contributes to making something funny”.

He further adds – “I try and avoid overtly sexual comedies, especially in the public space. When doing stand up, you may slightly cross a certain line, use certain words and topics which are not universal. There also, I restrict myself and don’t engage in profanities too much, maybe just a few words here and there”.

Jaaved Jaaferi says – “Here, the mass audience is what you call the family audience. I’d not go very sexual even in my roles and characters which I play. Though the OTT space has become daring, I am not comfortable so I don’t do it. To each his own”.

Jaaved Jaaferi elaborates and says – “Normally you now read the script. 20 years ago, maybe, we didn’t have a bound script in hand as such. They used to sometimes give scenes on sets. I remember one or two which went overtly vulgar. I used to say, ‘I’m not very comfortable, can we just shift it or make it something like this’. Today, we have scripts so we can easily read and discern”.

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