Iqbal Khan: My aim is not to make money but to keep content

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Iqbal Khan says – I don’t get excited about things including birthdays, but I am thankful for all the love,” says Iqbal Khan, who knows his wife, Sneha, is planning a surprise for him. Khan, who turns 40 on Feb 10, shares that he isn’t into parties or big celebrations. He recalls that birthdays when he was younger were the best. “A memorable one was when I was five and my mum made samosas, gulab jamuns and rasgullas at home as we weren’t allow to eat food from restaurants.”

Iqbal Khan says – “The one thing I want to accomplish in life is to be carefree. And satisfy, irrespective of what happens. And I want to be happy in that zone. I am working towards it. I believe that nothing is in our hands and after 2020, we all know this to be true. Want to do my bit for the world. My goal is not to make a lot of money or do a lot of work but to be content.”

He further adds – “I am waiting for a proper response to the film once it releases on OTT and hopefully will reach a larger audience. It came at a time when cinema had 50% occupancy and it was the second film that released during Covid times, so to analyse the fate of the film keeping Covid in mind, would be unfair. We will know how people respond to the film on OTT.”

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