International Online Celebration of Innocents March 11, 2020 In view of the lockdown for the first time in India,

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The Mass celebrations are held on the 72 Channel, with bodies from many countries being attended by poets and scholars April 11 – tomorrow 7: After the West Insha’Allah celebration will commence on 30th, the body will be celebrated online by the India Famous Scholar and Secretary of the Shi’a Personal Law Board. You are urging all the gentlemen to attend the celebration on April 11 and attend the reward. I will not have the opportunity to mention and listen and receive reward in the Down Villa Make Your Difficulty Easy You can watch the entire program on all 72 channel links

Facebook – Qaseem Haider Qaseem Mumbai
22-year-old Qari Syed Raza Abbas (Fahmy) Sewan Spring India
Famous Scholar, All India Shia Personal Law Board Secretary Hajjat-ul-Islam Maulana Mousavi Raza Sahibabad Jharkhand Poetry is like this: Khan Hassan Shobi Nogwanan Sadat Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Fasil Kazan Bajouri, Mumbai, India, Shri. Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Farhan Ali Banarasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Tauqeer Zaidi Allahabad Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Munir Banarasi Varanasi Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Qamar Ali Kiani Pakistan, Aqeel Hussain Aquarium Fondadi Uttar Pradesh India,
TV actor and lover Hussain Syed Saleem Zaidi Sahab Tallou
Ali Akbar Amin Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Butorb Military Abadi Pakistan, Shabeeh Meerthi Meerut Uttar Pradesh India,
Maulana Miraj Mehdi Zaidi Mangalore Uttar Pradesh India,
Mozam Ali Calcutta Kolkata, West Bengal India
Zoheer Akbarpuri Sahab Akbarpur Uttar Pradesh India, Mr. Ali Hassan Bharavi Uttar Pradesh India, Ahsan Abdi Salmahu Pukhani Bihar India,
Kazim Naqvi Bhanda Sadat Uttar Pradesh India, Zyghm Abbas Sarki Uttar Pradesh India, Wajid Raza Wajid Dargah Jogi Pura India, Raza Haider Junpur India, Haider Jafri Salimah Sarasi India, Akhtar Naqvi Sahabi Mumbai, Niazpur Hindustani Zaidi Ali Zaidi Ali Zaidi Asghar Maulana Alkyami, GT Coast aka Pune India, Ishtiaq Hussain United Kingdom, Directed TV Anchor Mr. Imran Naqvi Sahab UKA, Syed Imran Abdi Mumbai Hometown Nogwanwan Sadat, Syed Rizvi USA
Zaidi Azam Dubai, Manqabat Khan Raza Haider USA,

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