India’s first hydrogen fuel bus developed in the country unveiled, video surfaced

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India's first hydrogen fuel bus developed in the country unveiled, video surfacedUnion Minister Jitendra Singh unveiled “India’s first indigenously developed hydrogen fuel cell bus” on Sunday. The bus, which was developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the private firm KPIT Limited, was unveiled earlier today in Pune.

Singh described Green hydrogen as an excellent clean energy vector that enables deep decarbonization of difficult-to-abate emissions from the refining, fertiliser, steel, cement, and heavy commercial transportation sectors.

The minister informed the audience that the fuel cell uses hydrogen and air to generate electricity to power the bus, and the bus’s only effluent is water, making it the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation to date.

For example, a single diesel bus travelling long distances emits 100 tonnes of CO2 per year, and India has over a million of them.

Fuel Cell vehicles emit no greenhouse gases, in contrast to diesel-powered heavy commercial vehicles, which emit 12-14% CO2 and particulate emissions.

He believes that hydrogen-powered vehicles are an excellent way to reduce on-road emissions from the heavy commercial transportation sector.

Singh went on to say that because of the high efficiency of fuel cell vehicles and the high energy density of hydrogen, the operational costs in rupees per kilometre for fuel cell trucks and buses are lower than for diesel-powered vehicles, which could usher in a freight revolution in India.

Singh believes that India can transition from being a net importer of fossil energy to a net exporter of clean hydrogen energy, providing global leadership in the hydrogen space by becoming a large green hydrogen producer and supplier of green hydrogen equipment.

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