If i were not a minister, I would have bid for Air India: Piyush Goyal

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Union minister Piyush Goyal has made a big statement amid the government’s bid to sell Air India, a government airline company burdened under debt. Speaking on Thursday at the ongoing World Economic Forum in Davos, Goyal said that had he not been a minister, he would have made a bid to buy Air India.

Government is correcting bad economy

Goyal said this in response to a question about disinvestment in government companies such as Air India, BPCL. Goyal said that when our government was first formed in 2014, the economy was in its worst phase. After that several steps were taken so that it could be improved. If the government does not disinvest its companies, then they have no value.
Goyal said that the Indian economy is ready to go on the path of growth again. There is a lot of enthusiasm among investors to invest in the country. Commerce and Industry Minister said, “Things are starting to get better once again and now the economy is set to move faster from here.”

Air India has some of the best bilateral agreements worldwide. Efficient and well organized Air India has very good aircraft, so it is no less than a gold mine. Bilateral here refers to an agreement between two countries that allows each other’s airline companies to operate services with a fixed number of seats.

India today is a country where you have equal opportunity, you can work with integrity. He said that I think it is a good job to correct the banks’ own income-expenditure accounts and strengthen the banks.

RBI is taking steps

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the government have taken several steps to address debt and other problems stuck in public sector banks. Goyal said, “I hope that every person sitting in the room will not have such an image in his mind where he would believe that the public banks did not do a good job

If I take the example of the world’s largest economy or around the world, then the economy collapsed in 2008-09. The reason for the economic collapse was not public sector banks but private banks. We have enough private banks in India, which did no glory for us. On the contrary, if you ask me about public sector banks, these banks have done a lot in service to the nation. “

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