Hiten Tejwani recently talks about his show ending abruptly

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Hiten Tejwani
Hiten Tejwani says – “In my career of 20 years, I have seen many shows going off air but earlier, shows at least got a year prove themselves, make a connect with the audiences and tell the story. Now, people expect results in one month. I was not upset with the show ending, but taken aback. I wish it was better handled. Not just the actors but people behind the camera, many daily workers, they should have been informed, so they could line up other jobs. Even, I was refusing other projects, because I was shooting a daily, so one knows you don’t have time to spare.”

He states – “I don’t know what was the contract between the channel and the producer. When actors want to quit, they have to give a notice period of three months. So the story can be changed and a replacement can be find. It is fair but it should be the other way round too. This was too abrupt.” His TV show, Gupta Brothers, was yanked off air in less than three months of launch.

Trying to understand the decision, he explains the show was getting good ratings. And was number two on the channel and that they should have got at least six months of air time. Hiten Tejwani says – “My reputation won’t be harmed but had it been a newcomer, it would have affected him hugely. I have been here for 20 years, I have seen it all and can handle it,”

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