Happy Birthday Sameer Chahar : A casting director who aims to launch new talents

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Sameer Chahar
Casting Director Sameer Chahar

The casting department in Bollywood is now on a new level. The casting department has a major role in every film now a days. If we talk about casting directors in today’s era, Mukesh Chhabra’s name comes first. But if I tell you that casting director Sameer Chahar is going to make his place in the category very soon in which casting directors like Mukesh Chhabra work today.

Sameer ChaharToday, on the occasion of his birthday on 3 February, casting director Sameer Chahar told about another new film besides his upcoming three films Untimely Death, Damned Graveyard and Gotakhor. Sameer says that his film will be announced very soon.

  Casting director Sameer Chahar says that he does not take up casting work like other casting directors. He says that in addition to casting like other casting directors, he also gives opportunity to newcomers and he believes the same. Sameer Chahar believes that it is the responsibility of a casting director to find and bring forth new actors according to their skills, it is the job of a casting director.

On the occasion of Sameer Chahar’s birthday, our Estrade Herald Team wishes him a very happy birthday and hopes that he will continue to give new artists chances in the same way he does.

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