Gurbani Kaur Chawla, Vania Gupta, and Sanzila Gautam, Miss India Planet 2023’s Inspiring Trio

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Gurbani Kaur Chawla, Vania Gupta, and Sanzila Gautam, Miss India Planet 2023’s Inspiring TrioIn a dazzling display of beauty, talent, and grace, the Miss India Planet 2023 pageant reached its grand climax at the Taj Vivanta Dwarka on October 10th. The event, co-sponsored by the esteemed Gleamdiva, a leading pageant training and modeling institute founded by Preeti Vashisht Joshi, not only celebrated physical beauty but also shattered conventional norms by eliminating age, weight, and height requirements, underscoring the profound belief that true beauty knows no boundaries.

The stage was adorned with glamour and sophistication, and in the midst of this brilliance, Gurbani Kaur Chawla emerged as the unquestionable champion, securing the prestigious titles of Miss India Planet 2023 and Miss World Queen 2023. Gurbani Kaur, in the wake of her remarkable victory, expressed her unwavering commitment to using her newfound platform to advocate for causes close to her heart. A fervent advocate for body positivity, her journey leading up to this crown serves as an inspiring testament to her resilience and determination.

Vania Gupta claimed the 1st runner-up position, embodying grace and remarkable talent. Beyond her striking physical beauty, Vania Gupta personifies compassion and a dedication to promoting positive change. She transcends the conventional role of a beauty queen, emerging as a true ambassador for equality, acceptance, and humanity. Her radiant charm is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Sanzila Gautam, the 2nd runner-up and recipient of the Miss Fashion Icon title, brought her unique style to the pageant. Proficient in Hindi, she has harnessed the power of this beautiful language to communicate, connect, and drive positive change within her community. Her dual advocacies for animal welfare and the promotion of Hindi as her superpower promise to unite people in a common purpose.

The grand finale was further elevated by a dazzling fashion show presented by Gleamdiva, with transparent judging overseen by a distinguished panel of judges. This esteemed panel featured luminaries such as Dr. Madhu Chopra, the founder of Studio Aesthetic, Dr. Neetika Modi, accomplished author Ami Ganatra, MTV supermodel Roshni Dada, and Miss India Planet 2022, Kaziah Liz Mejo.

Miss India Planet 2023 not only celebrated the diversity of its contestants but also championed empowerment and grace, redefining conventional beauty standards. It was an evening of elegance and poise, promising to serve as the foundation upon which the winners—Gurbani Kaur Chawla, Vania Gupta, and Sanzila Gautam—will embark on their journeys to make a lasting, positive impact on the world.

This year’s pageant went beyond the surface, recognizing that beauty comes in all forms and that true beauty is a reflection of inner strength, compassion, and the ability to drive positive change. Gurbani Kaur Chawla, Vania Gupta, and Sanzila Gautam are set to inspire and lead by example as they carry their titles with grace and purpose. They embody the idea that beauty transcends boundaries, and their advocacy for various important causes will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on society. Miss India Planet 2023 has not only crowned queens but also true ambassadors of change.

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