Google ‘s Director of News Faces Layoff: A New Chapter Begins

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Google 's Director of News Faces Layoff: A New Chapter Begins
Google ‘s Director of News Faces Layoff: A New Chapter Begins

Google’s Director of News, Madhav Chinnappa, has been laid off after serving the company for almost 13 years. He shared the news on LinkedIn, stating that he is proud of his achievements during his tenure there. The tech giant has recently faced economic challenges and has resorted to job cuts as a response to the global slowdown.

Chinnappa highlighted some of the notable projects he worked on at Google, including the Digital News Initiative and the Google News Initiative Innovation Challenges. He also praised the Journalism Emergency Relief Fund (JERF), which showcased it

‘s commitment to supporting the news ecosystem during vulnerable times.

After leaving Google, Chinnappa plans to take a month off before exploring new opportunities in his career. He emphasized that he needs to address some pressing family issues and will spend September looking after his mother in India. He intends to start thinking about work again in October, with a focus on doing more in 2024.

Google’s layoffs have impacted around 12,000 people worldwide. The company made the announcement in January, and further job cuts were revealed last month, affecting its mapping app Waze. Stories of affected employees losing their jobs while on maternity leaves or vacations have emerged on social media. Even some high-level employees, including the Mental Health Head, were among those who lost their jobs in the downsizing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the workforce reduction earlier this year, explaining that the decision was a response to changing economic realities. The company had experienced significant growth over the past two years, leading to a need for adjustments to its workforce. Pichai emphasized that economic cycles are a natural part of running a 25-year-old company and that such moments are essential to refocus efforts and direct resources to the company’s top priorities.

The tech ecosystem has been significantly impacted by economic challenges, and job cuts have become a common occurrence. The layoffs at Google and other tech companies serve as a stark reminder of the challenging times facing the industry. However, companies like Google are determined to navigate through these difficulties by adapting and refocusing their efforts to maintain their position as leaders in the technology landscape.

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