Gioconda Vessichelli spotted dancing on the table in her sexy latino style : she is NATURALLY high on life!

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Gioconda VessichelliGioconda Vessichelli has been spotted dancing on the table on the beach with her closest friends. When we asked her what is the secret of her being always so sparkling and happy, she replied : “I am NATURALLY HIGH ON LIFE, I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t use drugs.. I just put on loud and peppy music and I start dancing like a crazy! Because music is in my blood and I just need few amazing music beat and I go in a different zone!

When we asked Gioconda Vessichelli about her being a naturist and living naked at home she candidly replied :

“I am an international artist and if you see the instagram pages of many American and European colleagues of mine, they’re showing much more skin and without problems. I think the body is a beautiful gift we have got by God and we should not be ashemed of it but instead we should highlight it in all its beauty. I come from Italy, a land where all the biggest sculptors and painters like Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci etc where celebrating the bodies in many naked sculptures worthed billion of dollars nowadays, which are showcased in the biggest museum of the world and attire so many tourists every years. And also your beautiful Indian Khajurao temple is so inspiring, and I am happy that recently your Indian government has also opened an airport to reach there.. As when I went to khajurao temple at that time the airport was not yet there and it was so difficult to reach there.. But definitely worthed!

In Bollywood acting offers I am a very selective artist, and being me myself a director when I see that technically the direction is not what it is in my standards or when the rest of the cast doesn’t act properly, or when I don’t like the script.. I just politely refuse to act in that movie.

Nowadays I have received a couple of scripts from 2 big movie directors that I admire a lot, so I am considering to accept. But I want to understand the character better so that I can give a good rendition to it. So meetings are going on in order to make my right choice”

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