Gauahar Khan says I won’t do bold scenes anymore

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Gauahar Khan

Gauahar Khan recently talks about the offers she has been getting of doing bold scenes mostly and emphasizes that – “And I am clear that I won’t do such scenes for the heck of it. My job as an actor is to deliver and do justice to the character I am portraying. But yes, I do have my lines drawn, especially when it comes to the kind of content I want to associate with. I’ll not be crossing the line just for the need of wanting to be a part of the show”.

She further adds and says – “All those roles that came to me. I felt they weren’t something which I could deliver to with all my heart. So, I had to say no to them, irrespective of how big the project was. As an artiste, I know I am supposed to deliver to the audience with complete conviction. But then there are certain things like being explicit or too bold on screen, which I am not at all comfortable doing. Hence, I have made my choice accordingly”.

She further adds – “I believe there are ways to aesthetically show things, and that’s all I can do as an actor.”

Talking about idea of working on web, Gauahar Khan concludes – “There’s a lot more than just bold stuff that happens on the web. And I am keen on exploring that. And I am more than ready to wait until a good role comes my way.”

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