Gas leak in an Andhra Pradesh industrial area has rendered 50 workers ill.

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Gas Leak In Andhra Pradesh

Gas leak in an Andhra Pradesh industrial area has rendered 50 workers ill: On Tuesday evening, there was another gas leak incident at Seeds Intimate Apparel India Private Limited (Seeds), located within the Brandix India Apparel City (BIAC), at Atchutapuram in Anakapalli district.

According to company officials, approximately 17 female employees were hospitalised. However, the employees present, as well as members of the CITU, stated that over 80 female employees had become ill after inhaling the gas.

The incident is said to have happened between 7 and 7.30 p.m.

After allegedly inhaling some kind of gas with a bad odour, the employees complained of nausea, burning sensations in their eyes, stomach pain, and diarrhoea, and were admitted to various Anakapalli hospitals.

According to R. Ramu of CITU, 36 of them were admitted to NTR Government Hospital in Anakapalli and 46 others were sent to two private hospitals.

According to the police, approximately 50 employees were admitted to two hospitals, including NTR Hospital.

According to company officials, none of them were in critical condition.

A similar incident occurred in the same unit on June 3, and over 200 female employees were hospitalised.

According to CITU’s Koteswara Rao, the first incident’s investigation report has not yet been made public. He demanded that the company face severe consequences.

Ministers, MPs, MLAs, the district Collector, and APPCB officials had visited the factory at the time and promised to take action, he said.

Gowthami Sali, Superintendent of Police in Anakapalli, visited the factory to assess the situation.

“The safety and well-being of our associates is paramount, and we have evacuated them all.” “The affected associates are in stable condition,” according to a company release.

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