Fathers and daughters: From tween to teen by Lokesh Goyal

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Dads typically shy away from their grumpy and often standoffish daughter during those annoying “hormonal” years. “[D]ads should focus on building a trustworthy relationship so that their daughters feel confident communicating with them about what’s going on in their lives,” Austin says when there’s a preteen girl in the house. “When required, dads should apologise and seek forgiveness, since this demonstrates respect and love for our girls while also healing the scars that are unavoidable in daily life.”

As a girl grows older and her adolescent years become more challenging, dads should continue to work on developing a trustworthy relationship with her, show affection, and encourage her as she learns more about who she is and what sort of person she wants to be, according to Austin.
“It’s critical that dads fight the desire to pull away or withdraw through this sometimes difficult stage of growing up, no matter what.”

Lokesh Goyal

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